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Corebine is not like every other CMS. It is so much more.  It is a powerful customer experience solution that lets brands build long term value and relationships with customers.  

It is an audience engagement platform focused on empowering brands to deliver unique content experiences. 

It is built for brands that are focused on customer experience and engagement to create a long-term customer relationship, driven by data and measured by revenue.

Open, Flexible & Extensible iXperience-first Platform.

Corebine is built on the latest iXperience-first architecture, allowing for complete platform flexibility to add new features, integrate to other platforms or innovate the way your brand delivers unique experiences to customers.

iX Customer Engagement Tools Built-in.

Corebine includes engagement tools that help brands deliver unique and compelling engagement experiences that are completely brand customizable, quick to launch and deliver more customers to the brand.

iXperience Insights Dashboard.

Corebine provides comprehensive marketing dashboards that deliver detailed customer experience and engagement metrics that are fully customizable to your brand KPIs.

iXperience Authoring Tools & Workflows.

Corebine includes unique authoring tools with easy-to-manage step-by-step workflows to drive brand specific customer experiences.

Developed by Award-winning iX Digital Experience Team

Corebine was designed as an iXperience-first platform by iX’s award-winning digital experience teams that know how to create experiences that engage customers and create long-term brand value.

Data-driven Customer iXperience

Corebine leverages data-driven insights to enable brands to optimize the customer experience that they deliver to their audience and improve the brand’s customer engagement metrics.

Value Beyond Launch

As the Corebine platform matures, so too will yours. We are continuously adding new features and enhancements. As they get added universally, they will e automatically rolled out to your platform at no extra cost.

Technologists Included

Our partners do not need to have internal tech resources dedicated to launching Corebine. We supply hardcore technologists to ensure all required engineering and infrastructure details are accounted for.