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Corebine is an audience engagement platform focused on empowering brands and content owners through an innovative set of publishing and sponsor activation tools. The platform is designed to generate revenue for your business from day one, and to reach your audience where they...on their mobile phones.

Fan Engagement Products

Corebine can be deployed in conjunction with ProSuite,'s set of fan engagement tools. These three products — BracketPro, PollPro and MVP Vote — help partners deliver unique, compelling experiences that are customizable, quick to launch and satisfy additional sponsorship initiatives.

Architected for Mobile

Corebine was architected as mobile-first from the ground up. The platform supports both mobile browsers and native apps, ensuring the reach of younger consumers who live on their mobile devices.

Built for Sports

By addressing common sports needs out of the box, Corebine avoids repetitive customization which adds time, risk and cost. This enables a faster time to market for your products.

Award-Winning Design

All Corebine sites and apps feature designs by our award winning design team. We have also applied those best-in-class UX principles when creating Corebine's intuitive admin portal

Speed to Market

Today's digital environment does not allow for 12 month digital product release cycles. By removing much of the excess in one size fits all CMS platforms, including core functionality, leveraging our expertise in standardizing deployment, we empower our partners with speed to market muscle they've never had before.

Smart Investment

Corebine is the only digital platform that enables organizations to launch mobile responsive websites and apps for less than a custom CMS solution.

Value Beyond Launch

As the Corebine platform matures, so too will yours. We are continuously adding new features and enhancements. As they get added universally, they will e automatically rolled out to your platform at no extra cost.

Technologists Included

Our partners do not need to have internal tech resources dedicated to launching Corebine. We supply hardcore technologists to ensure all required engineering and infrastructure details are accounted for.



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