TUDN Brand and Platform Design

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As North America’s leading Hispanic media company, Univision Deportes empowers, entertains and informs Hispanics living in the United States, Mexico and beyond. 

Recently, the company’s flagship television brands, Univision Deportes and Televisa Deportes, partnered to create TUDN — a new premium digital sports experience for soccer fans in North America and beyond.

iX.co was mandated to create a bespoke strategy to launch TUDN and design its digital platforms, including a responsive website and mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.

In short, we were tasked with creating an app that would achieve the following business goals:

  • Drive video consumption 
  • Drive mobile app downloads
  • Increase user usage and retention
  • Create a streamless, error-free experience for users
  • Boost app revenue for the network
  • Engage young soccer fans and introduce them to TUDN


Our team took a data-driven approach to assess TUDN's business goals and fans' needs. To determine the firm’s business objectives, we conducted stakeholder interviews, qualitative analysis and competitive analysis.

We then took the insights from our research to identify product and monetization recommendations for TUDN. For example, our insights found a poor video streaming and navigation experience combined with a lack of exclusive digital content dissuades users from interacting with the respective digital platforms. Thus, we aimed to design a user-friendly app for users of all ages.

The app featured several user-friendly features, such as:

  • Original and exclusive content for soccer, boxing and more in the U.S. and Mexico 
  • A seamless, high-quality video streaming experience
  • Rich, and engaging push notifications
  • Social media features and integrations. (Since most users are on social, we designed the app so that content could be easily shared on social.)
  • Smart social media integrations are also advantageous because there is a lot of referral to the app via social.
  • Content optimized for native apps and small screens
  • A non-intrusive advertising experience