FIBA Mobile App Framework

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FIBA selected to design & develop mobile applications for its flagship international events.

FIBA tasked us to develop a series of user-friendly, crash-free apps that would elevate the sport around the world, including China for the first time. Events included EuroBasket, Basketball Champions League, Basketball World Cup and the Women's World Cup. Ultimately, FIBA sought to improve the user experience of its app and drive app downloads. While the organization manages multiple events, FIBA aimed to design different apps for its top tournaments. was asked to create a user-friendly app framework that could be reskinned and customized for each tournament.

We custom designed a series of user-friendly apps for FIBA, including the Basketball Champions League App, the Women EuroLeague App, and more.

The apps allow users to view game statistics, box scores and play-by-plays of each game. We also launched new features for the app, including:

  • A personalization feature that sends fans customized content on their favourite players and teams. 
  • The LiveBasketball.TV feature that lets users watch live games on the World Cup, and Basketball Champions League App.

We’ve partnered closely with the FIBA Team for more than three years. The FIBA team praises iX for its superior level of customer service and to date, we’ve successfully launched a series of apps for FIBA in 2019, including:

The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 app 

We launched the FIBA Basketball World Cup app in March 2019, and to date, it has had more than 1.9M downloads. As of December 2019, here are the ratings for the app: 

  • App Store: 3.9/4 
  • Google Play: 4.4/5

The FIBA Women’s EuroBasket 2019 app

We launched the Women's EuroBasket app on April 9, 2019. To date, it has generated more than 12K downloads. As of December 2019, the app has received the following ratings:

  • App Store: 3.9/4
  • Google Play: 4.3/5